Finding a horse

Every rider has a different view on how they see themselves in the horse world depending on their competitive level and ability.
Finding the right fit take both time and a professional eye.
After a consultation meeting in which we will examine your expectations for the horse you are looking for, your goals as a rider, the budget you are willing to commit to and the time frame in which you wish to find a horse, we will find the best match based upon the factors we identified.

Searching for a horse includes:

Maintenance / Rehabilitation program

Injuries sometime happen and can be an unfortunate part of owning a performance horse, but not everyone has the time and/or experience to monitor the symptoms, providing the necessary every day treatment they need to insure the best healing progress and outcome.
We will make sure your horse gets the treatment he needs - physical workout, Daily medication and monitoring the symptom as they improve.
Please note that our rehabilitation fees are considerably lower then other local comparable facilities