Training riders

"Getting better at any profession takes patience, dedication, practice and more practice.
With horses, there is also a great deal of understanding the psychology of the horse and the physical side of riding and body memory.
Being a part of my show team is a big commitment, I will expect a high level of discipline and dedication from you. Together we will work on your technique, feel, understanding of problems and their source, and learning a proper way to solve them with the goal of improving all maneuvers both at home and in the show pen. I will settle for nothing less than your best and will push you toward more success."

Reining lessons

To learn how to perform all of the reining maneuvers is not an easy task. In fact, the art of riding lies both in your technique as a rider and in your understanding and skill level before ever actually working on the reining maneuvers.
We will be working to improve your riding talent, improving all of the reining maneuvers and covering all aspects of your reining performance both at home and in the show pen.


Clinics are a great way to learn.
I believe watching more riders with instructive environment is tremendously helpful to understand
and improve skills.